Streamlight flashlights

Streamlight flashlights are one of the leading manufactures of flashlights. Streamlight flashlights are very durable and have proven to be some of the best camping gear accessories. There aare many Streamlight flashlights that are perfect for camping.

While most people think of Streamlight flashlights as some of the best police flashlights, campers all around the world include Streamlight flashlights as part of their camping gear and believe this is some of thier best camping gear that they own.

Streamlight believes in designing the best flashlights for their targeted audience. They also believe that in order to produce the best flashlight, they must understand the needs of their customers. With that philosophy in mind, their designers participate in hands on classes directly related to their customer’s field so that they can see the exactly what works best for them enabling them to produce the best flashlight.

Streamlight offers a wide variety of flashlights available in rechargeable and non-rechargeable. Streamlight flashlights come in several different light bulb types; halogen, LED, and Xenon are just a few to mention.

When deciding which Streamlight flashlight is best for you, you must first determine if you want rechargeable or non-rechargeable. If you are going on a long camping trip and won’t have access to a power supply, then a non rechargeable flashlight will be best for you. These flashlights use alkaline batteries or lithium batteries which allow the flashlight to remain very compact. If you are going to have a power outlet at your campground or in your RV, then a rechargeable flashlight will be better for you. Rechargeable flashlights are also cheaper to operate over the lifetime due to there being no need to replace batteries. When you are done using the flashlight, simply set in it the charger and walk away.

Some of the more popular Streamlight flashlights used as camping gear are the UltraStinger, Sidewinder, Stinger, and Buckmaster, and LiteBox. Not only are these great camping flashlights, but overall they are the some of the best flashlights.

The Streamlight UltraStinger is the one of the brightest Streamlight flashlights available. It offers about 75,000 candlepower. The UltraStinger has a 30 hour life xenon-halogen gas filled bi-pin bulb. The Streamlight UltraStinger flashlight has a five cell 6V nickel-cadmium battery that is rechargeable. It is 11.75″ in length and weighs a mere 1.1 pounds.

The Streamlight Sidewinder was originally designed for military, but has become very popular with campers. The Sidewinder is the equivalent of 20 flashlights in one. You ask why? This is possible due to the Sidewinder’s LED having five different settings; Low, Medium, Medium High, High, and Strobe. Each one of those settings then has four levels of output intensities. The Streamlight Sidewinder is waterproof and operates off of 2 “AA” alkaline or lithium batteries.

The Streamlight Stinger is a great compact flashlight. The flashlight features a Xenon gas filled bulb, up to 15,000 candlepower, and an adjustable focus beam. With a 3 cell nickel cadmium rechargeable battery, this flashlight has up to one hour of continuous use.

The Streamlight Buckmaster Twin Task flashlight is one of the best compact hunting flashlights available. The lightweight, versatile flashlight switches from a powerful Xenon bulb to 3 ultra bright safety green LDS when necessary. The green LDS are perfect for nightvision and won’t spook any game you are looking for. The body of the Buckmaster flashlight is water and corrosion resistant and almost indestructible. The Buckmaster flashlight is powered by two 3 volt lithium batteries that have a ten year shelf life.

If you are looking for a Streamlight flashlight that can light the entire campground up, look no further than the Streamlight LiteBox. This one million candlepower search light can light up objects up to one mile away! In addition to the highpower Xenon lamp, there are two white navigation LED’s on this flashlight. The Streamlight LiteBox is powered by a zero maintenance 12v sealed lead acid rechargeable battery.

No matter what your camping need is, there is definately a Streamlight flashlight that will meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

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