Lacrosse Radio Controlled Projection Alarm Clock Review

This post is a little different from our previous reviews. Mainly because it was written by our first “guest blogger”. It is also on an item many of you will not consider “survival oriented”.

About a week ago I asked my Dad to think about some things to review for my new blog. He checked out the blog and said he would get back to me. There are a few reasons I figured Dad would be a good resource to tap. First of all he lives on a lot of land in the middle of nowhere, and second, he and his wife survived Katrina (they live in southern Mississippi). So I invited him to review something that he thought was a great “survival” item to have around in cases of emergency. The review that they sent back was actually quite surprising. OK, enough back story, here is the review. (One last note: I just received word that my Dad actually pawned this whole project off onto my step-mom, Jakki. She actually told me she did all the work while he played Call of Duty, HA! This would also explain the high quality of the writing, my step mom is an English



I originally chose this clock so I could get a decent night’s sleep when my husband was in town. He spends most of the time working in Alaska-so when he’s home he doesn’t want to be bothered by an alarm clock on his side of the bed-but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need to use one occasionally waking up at the crack of dawn to fish or hunt. I’m not a nice person when nudged out of sleep to tell the time, or spanking the alarm just to wake him up. Or worse yet, having him roll over me just to look at the clock.

This clock answered all my prayers and more. It sits on my bed stand and projects the time and indoor or outdoor temperature on the ceiling up to ten feet away with large red numbers. The clock is radio controlled up to 2,000 miles from a place in Colorado so it’s self correcting and always accurate. Another great feature that my husband and I love is that it projects the outdoor or indoor temperature as well.

When Katrina hit, it was awesome. Because it runs conservatively on 3 AA batteries (without projection), we always had the current time, date and day yes it is easy to lose track of the day when you are without power, and the schools and most businesses stay closed for three weeks. We knew when the Red Cross would be here to distribute water and ice. And without getting out of bed, we knew how urgently we needed to start the generator to keep our perishables safe. If we let the batteries die, all we had to do was refill, then set to our time zone, and by the next morning the clock was set.

The thermometer mounts outside and sends a signal to the clock. My projector shows time for several seconds, then outdoor temperature for several seconds, and the clock face itself displays all the set information. There are six different variations for the projector, but this one suits our needs. And of course it can be set in 12 or 24 hour time.

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The clock is small, only 5 ½” x 3 ½”. The projection arm can be angled for desired placement, and the beam can be rotated 90 degrees at a time for comfortable viewing. Obviously the projection is difficult to see in daylight so it has a backlight button. You can set two different alarms and choose snooze length. It takes AA batteries which are great for travel or power outage backup. You can choose time zones for easy reset when traveling.

The only frustrating thing for me is that when the batteries die in the remote temperature sensor, there is a specific order for powering it up. It’s not difficult, but it happens so rarely, that I need the book to remember. But if you lose the book, they have a web site to help.

This is my second one. The first one broke out of no fault of its own. I must have bounced that thing onto the hardwood floor 20 times before I finally killed it. So while it’s a great instrument, it’s not meant to bounce. It’s light weight, and my new one has flown a few times without a problem. It can be mounted, but I’m too lazy.

So, this clock not only helped us survive Katrina, it has helped us survive marriage as well!

I bought mine at Cabela’s for about $40.

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