December of 1942, shortly after the beginning of World War 2, a company by the name of KA-BAR builds a knife that it hopes will become issued to the United States Marine Corp (USMC). KA-BAR and the USMC went back and forth devising a master plan to create the ultimate fighting/utility knife. At the time, little did they know, that they were creating a legend. Just in the years of the war KA-BAR had produced more than 1 million and made a name for themselves like no other knife manufacturer.

Tested tried and true by the Marine Corp. performing such tasks as prying, pounding, opening rations, digging foxholes, and various other activities, including close quarter fighting. Due to the highly desired outcome, KA-BAR was also adopted by the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and Underwater Demolition Teams. These branches of the military used these knives for years and continued to use them through numerous wars and combat situations.

With that being said, the original design of the KA-BAR USMC fighting/utility knife remains the first choice of many people in the military as their personal knife during service. Now it is available to you and anyone. Do you want to be part of the legend?


The KA-BAR USMC fighting/utility knife weighs 0.7 Lbs. and has an overall length of 11 7/8”.  The actual blade length is 7”. Its moderate carbon and low chromium steel mixture allows the blade to hold an edge very well. The 1095 cro-van steel used in the blades of today’s KA-BARS has a hardness of 56–58 HRC; the guard and pommel are made from sintered 1095 carbon steel. It also has a clip point blade with a flat grind. This knife is one bad boy that is made in the USA.


  • Weight: 0.70Lbs.
  • Length: Blade 7”
  • Overall 11 7/8”
  • Shape: Clip
  • Steel: 1095 CRO-VAN
  • Grind: Flat

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