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Our Efoods Direct Review

As the number of survival food providers are increasing in the market, it is important for you to consider which ones you can depend on. Efoods Direct is one of the names that you may consider for your list of potential survival food survivors simply because of its reputation. The following is an efoods Direct review designed to help you understand what this survival food provider offers to you when compared to other similar options.

Efoods Direct Review – History of efoods Direct

Most efoods Direct reviews would point out that this company was actually founded by a person who actually has a rich vein of experience in the food industry. The company is the brainchild of Steve Shenk, a long time food expert, whose achievements have been recognized across the board by various media houses.
He has featured in countless talk shows both, on television and on radio. Steve Shenk has more than 30 years of history in the food reserve industry, which means that he knows exactly what a survivalist needs in the modern day.
The company, itself, operates on a three pronged principle which are Serve, Save, and Share. It aims to help people serve nutritious food, save for any unforeseeable situations and disasters in the future which are becoming more and more likely, and share the principle of having control over one’s own food supply.
Efoods Direct has a history of providing gourmet family meals that goes back 28 years. The company operates from its primary office in Utah. Efoods Direct is also closely related to efoods Global.

Efoods Direct Review – The Products Offered  by efoodsdirect.com

One of the primary features that we would like to point out in this efoods Direct review is the variety the company provides. At efoods Direct, you would find survival food options for 22 different types of meals and dishes including breads, soups, entrees, breakfasts, freeze dried, beverages, and even baking products. There are different packages for each type of food ranging from one month supply to one year supply.

Efoods Direct Review – Ingredients That efoods Direct Uses in Its Products

One of the most important aspects of this efoods Direct review is that the company does everything that it can not use genetically modified ingredients. In fact, efoods Direct especially focuses on the nutritional value of its products.
They also try to limit as much as possible  hydrogenated oils, lactose, gluten and even trans fats in their products. It should also be mentioned that efoods Direct products are not irradiated, which means that key nutrients are not destroyed.
All manufactured products from efoodsdirect.com come with a Nutriversal Seal which signifies three things – meals that are easy to make, meals with an extended shelf life of up to 25 years, and meals that can be used daily.

Our Experience with Efoods Direct

We have ordered survival food twice from efoodsdirect.com. Both times Efoods was running specials and we took advantage of those specials. I personally felt like the pricing was a good deal. Is it more expensive than buying bulk food and packaging it myself? Probably. But I don’t have time to do it all myself so this was a great place to help kick start my survival food supply.

I have not tasted the food – I put it away for emergency. At the time of this writing they have a sampler pack that I plan to order and try. I will report back after I try the food. I have seen some negative reviews of this company on the Internet. I take these with a “grain of salt”. My experience with the company so far has been a good. The one slight negative is that their shipping was slow on both orders. Outside of that I have no complaints and would order again if I needed to.

Another complaint I saw was about the cost of the food vs the amount of food you get. Again, you can probably go buy bulk food cheaper, but can you do all of the panning and packaging that is necessary? Some times you pay more for convenience. You can make this a part of your emergency food storage plan.

Whatever you do START your emergency food supply today!

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