Survival Food Reviews – Why Do You Need Survival Food?

Why do you need survival food? It is estimated that most people have a three day supply of food in their homes. What happens if the food supply gets interrupted? What happens if the grocery stores shut down or run out of food? How will you eat? – Below is a list of some of the reasons you need survival food.

1. Hurricanes – Hurricanes can do major damage, cause power outages, shut down grocery stores and delay food deliveries.
We have seen what happened after two recent hurricanes, Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy. Many people were not prepared and did not have enough food on hand. Many had to wait for government agencies or charities to get food to them and many had to stand in long food lines. How long did it take the government to get food to these people?

2. Tornadoes – Tornadoes can cause severe damage and shut down groceries stores and delay food deliveries.

3. Blizzards- Similar to hurricanes they can shut power out for days or weeks and make roads impassible for days or weeks.
4. Earthquakes and Volcanoes –Obviously these types of disasters can cause interruptions to food supplies.

5. Power outages – some power outages aren’t caused by storms but they can still cause problems.

6. Social Unrest – Social unrest can cause problems with food supply. While it may not seem like it can happen where you live social unrest can happen anywhere.

7. Financial Collapse – Many believe that some of the countries around the world, including America, may be heading for a financial collapse of some kind. One of the more well known financial collapses that happened was the Wiemar Republic. Its currency collapsed causing it to become worthless. Imagine if that happened here. I know – it can’t happen here.

8. Food Inflation – If you store food today at today’s prices and down the road food inflation becomes a big problem you can use your emergency food supply to help you get through it.

9. War – war can cause major disruption in food supply. Again you may think it can’t happen where you live but why take chances.
This is a partial list of instances that can disrupt food supply. Not every one of these will apply to you but I am sure at least one of these could. An emergency food supply is a form of insurance in case something like this does happen where you live.

Survival Food Reviews – So What Do You do Next?

Personally I think the first thing anyone should do when starting a survival food supply is to plan. Planning helps you to build your survival food supply more quickly, efficiently and more cost effectively.

How will you know what type of foods to store? Planning will help with this. Get your family members together and find out what types of food they will and won’t eat and with this information you can start planning what types of foods you should store.

How do you know how much food you should be storing? Planning will help you with this also. If you know how many people you need to have food for and how long you want your food storage to last you can use these numbers to figure out how much food you will need.

You can also use planning to help you to incrementally build you emergency food supply. Many people do it this way so. If your goal is to build a 1 year food supply it can be quite expensive to do it all at once. A little planning and you can break this down to more affordable chunks.

So as you can see there are many reasons for building an emergency food supply. Some are listed above. If you take time to plan you can build your food supply and be better prepared to handle natural or man made disasters!

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