About? Interesting question, isn’t it? What is this site all about? This is a documenting of my [our] journey into what ever “Change” that the establishment has in mind for ALL OF US. Not just people in my neighborhood, town, county, state or country, but for all of humanity. As at this point in time this seems to be painfully obvious that the things going on are not just limited to any one place.

So this is a site dedicated to figuring out and finding the ways to Survive this Change. Am I some supposed Over Qualified, ridiculously educated “Expert” — Hell NO!!, I am just your average ordinary guy who has lived quite a remarkable life. It is the variety of my life that I am trying to bring to the table here for all to learn and grow from. It is the amazing path that my life has taken that has brought me to the logical conclusion that I have arrived at, from there it is up to YOU to decide whether you agree or disagree with what I have to say.

So here are some ground rules for this place…

1. This is a place where you have to leave YOUR LABELS at the door…I could care less what box you choose to voluntarily place yourself in, it has no bearing here or to the solutions which will lift us out of this problem we are living through!

2. Realize that at our CORE, the overwhelming majority of humanity all want the same basic things..

3. The solutions to this mess DO NOT lie in division the lie in understanding!

This page will grow and change as time goes on, as this is an evolutionary process, just as time does not stand still so does the evolution of life and humanity. So stop back often…